About "Arsinoe" the Publicity Repository of HEAL-Link

The publicity repository "Arsinoe" is supported by the Hellenic Academic Libraries Link and intends to be an organized collection and distribution hub of all of HEAL-Link's events and publications. For the production and development of the digital infrastructure of the repository, international best practices have been adopted.

The HEAL-Link's publicity repository "Arsinoe" which is Open Access, includes a collection of all informative literature and publicity materials for every activity of all sectors of HEAL-Link, indicatively, HEAL-Link's Electronic Scientific Resources, Hellenic Academic Electronic Textbooks / Kallipos, Union Catalog, Advanced Services for Open Access Digital Libraries (eg ILSaS, HEALJournal, Amelib), Quality Assurance etc.. The above content will be frequently updated, and will be available for use by all members of the Hellenic and international scientific, academic and research community.

The Hellenic Academic Libraries Link invites all interested visitors / users of the publicity repository "Arsinoe" to navigate through the wealth of its collections and easily search / find digital content that interests them.

Happy browsing!